Sparta SBT Queen

Sparta is a very sweet and cuddly savannah, who loves people and kids and likes playing with other cats and dogs.
She has a loyal and playful personality and gives birth to beautiful kittens with warm colours and dark spots.
She has very tall legs and nice ears and head.
She enjoys walking on a leash and playing with a ball. 

Valkyrie SBT queen

Valkyrie has a strong, striking personality, purrs a lot and likes to play fetch. She is outgoing with cats, dogs, and new people, and is always up for an adventure. Her voice, sounds, walk and almost all characteristics resemble early generation Savannahs, and she gives beautiful kittens, with long legs, warm color with black spots, and large ears. 

Cairo SBT Stud

Cairo is very outgoing with cats and dogs, and sweet with people. He wants to be petted all the time. He has a very sweet character and he likes adventures and playing with water. He also enjoys walking on a leash and playing fetch!
He has excellent colours, clear warm brown coat and black spots, and is muscular, all of which he passes on to his offspring.